The Lake Partnership Inc. is an integrated construction project management and general contracting company. Founded in Toronto in 1994, we have been based in Ottawa since 2004.

We excel at running projects that exhibit excellence in workmanship, functionality, and financial accountability.

The Lake Partnership welcomes unique and challenging residential and commercial building opportunities.


Informing client decisions on costs, logistics and performance is just as important as a great build. We have earned the confidence of our clients on every project because we are resolutely committed to:


For The Lake Partnership, value means delivering a high quality result at a fair price, regardless of the project’s size, style or budget.


From the beginning, we will work with you in an honest and straightforward manner to guide you through the entire construction process.


Communication is the cornerstone of successful collaborations with our clients and their architects and designers. We are accessible and responsive.


The Lake Partnership team brings to every job its considerable experience in financial and project management. We consistently deliver high-calibre projects on time and for the expected cost.


We have clearly defined standards of excellence and extremely low staff turnover. That means the skilled tradesmen who built the last Lake Partnership project you admired are the ones who will work on yours.



We run our projects with an open book, so you can review every line item: labour, materials and markup. Because projects often evolve once work is under way, we will assist you in making informed, incremental decisions so that you understand, before proceeding, the full implications of any requested change. We will clearly track and communicate all amendments to the initial budget and schedule, invoicing monthly with detailed annotations as required. We work hard to minimize the potential for surprises. To the extent that some things are beyond our control, we inform clients of unexpected changes at the earliest opportunity.


It bears repeating. The Lake Partnership only builds high quality structures. We work with clients who share our commitment to the best build possible according to their budget and wishes.

“As soon as we met with The Lake Partnership, there was no question they would be our pick.  Calm, professional, prepared, and full of insightful information, they gave us everything we needed to know to feel confident in signing the contract. Throughout the process the budgeting was impeccable, the site was controlled and clean, and the building was on target. Most importantly for us, the workers clearly took great pride in their craftsmanship, which shines through in the final product.”



Sustainability is an important consideration on every Lake Partnership project. We have built LEED Gold Certified homes, and have the expertise to build third-party-certified structures including R-2000 and Passive House if this is your wish. Regardless of whether you are seeking environmental certification, we apply our knowledge about building energy-efficient structures wherever possible. Building a structure with minimal current and future environmental impact is complex and nuanced. For example, many materials that provide superior insulation are themselves the product of environmentally unfriendly manufacturing processes. With a focus on the truly practical, we will help you to make the most environmentally beneficial choices for your project in accordance with your budget, schedule and priorities. Conscious of waste and to keep your costs lower, The Lake Partnership saves considerable time and materials by operating clean, organized sites. We recycle, reuse, or donate materials whenever possible from demolition, construction, and other job sites. For more information about our industry affiliations related to green building, please read more about us.

Springfield Towns - Gold LEED Certified

Springfield Towns, a multi-unit LEED Gold certified build, 2014